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8hHi, I am Sally, American originally from Seattle Washington, USA. I am now permanent resident of the UK, residing in Chichester, West Sussex. I specialize in Clinical Sports & Remedial massage, Emmett Technique, and Mat Pilates combined fitness wellbeing.

I have provided sports massage treatment, taught swimming and or pilates, fitness instruction to a variety of clientele. From serious sports enthusiasts, body builders, marathon runners, Sydney football club to sedentary office workers from long-retired people to youth in their prime and those with physical disabilities, medical conditions, bereavement or just need that support pick-me up.

From a young age I enjoyed doing exercises and running with my father and being in the outdoors walking my dog, swimming, playing various sports. In junior high and high school I participated in athletics to state level. Then at University and thereafter became involved training and goal setting for 5km, 10km and half marathons fun runs to Olympic Distance Triathlons until I was 35 years of age.

I have been fortunate to have lived, and worked in a few wonderful places growing up in various states the United States and as an adult in different parts of the world; Served as a United States, Peace Corps Volunteer, on Nevis and St Lucia in the West Indies. A Youth and Sports Officer involved in teaching physical education, athletics, swimming, organizing local youth and sporting camps/competitions. When I met my husband and children on St Lucia continued teaching physical education, coaching swimming started my personal training business.

My own fitness routine changed from road cycling to off road to mountain biking. I also began my pilates journey as a participant realising my intricate movements were in need to be developed. I soon felt stronger for moving small muscle groups compared to what I was doing in the gym. Also, I had tissue imbalance and restriction which led to re-occurring injuries.

Sports Massage training and mat pilates has opened the window to be more physically intune with intricate and fluid movement and balance. As well as help my mental concentration and centreing.

My first pilates schooling was in Chichester with FITT, then pursued it further in Sydney, Australia with Polestar International. Where I was taught about teaching and demonstrating more refined and fluidity in the movement to your level.

I do feel pilates and sports massage or massage treatments go hand in hand. Many of the pilates exercises are the remedial and rehabilitation to injury.

The regular treatment of sports massage helps the lymphatic and circulatory system to flush out toxins and on remove waste build up at the cellular level. The physical attribute of effleurage and myofascial work on the tissue aids the joint to realign, body feel taller, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Swimming can also create this, if you feel the water as you move through it. Being on your front, back and sides of the body so your muscles and fascia are balanced.

From high school it was brought to my intention the importance to live with a holistic circle. This incorporates my work, my fitness and health, belief of optimism, inner strength and happiness. This is also enriched with believing in a positive faith. I attend St Georges Church, in Chichester, whom are involved with their community. Plus spending time outdoors with my husband, friends and sharing home cooking meals with my family and friends. Personally this keeps me balanced, refreshed and being at peace.

Education Background

I have been in the health and fitness industry most my life in some form. I did my final University Degree studies at Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, Washington.

1991 with a Bachelor of Social Arts Degree, (Major in Physical Education and Minor in Health).

Based overseas from 1991 – 2000 teaching youth Physical Education, athletics and swimming, and coached fitness and personal training.

Return to the UK in 2000 with life and family diversion heavily involved teaching part-time in the swimming arena.

In 2008 re-trained and qualified in personal training and Clinical Sports massage Therapist. In 2010 started my instructor training in Mat pilates.

I thought when I finished university that would have been it in studying, well I enjoy it always wanting to learn, just not enough money to do it. See list of qualifications in next column.

Qualified in the following;

  • 1992/93 Level 1 Athletics and Level 2 Sprints & Hurdles Olympic Federation
  • 1994 Fitness and Personal Training (ACE)
  • 2000/2001 Level One and Two Swimming ASA, UK
  • 2008 Level 3 in Swedish and Indian Head Massage Therapy,VTCT
  • 2009 BETEC Diploma, Level 5 in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, LSRM
  • 2009 Level 2 and 3 Gym Instructor/Personal Trainer, FITT, CYQ
  • 2010 Mat pilates through FITT Uk, CYQ
  • 2012 Beginners Mat, Studio Pilates, Sydney Australia
  • 2012 Fascia in Movement CPD
  • 2013 Disability Swimming, and Parent and Infant Swimming
  • 2013 – 2014, Mat Pilates Polestar International Sydney 2014
  • 2016 – NPLQ Disability Swimming
  • 2016/17 CPD’s Osteoporosis, Ante and Post natal, and Rotation in Sport Pilates
  • 2018/2019 – Myofascial on upper body, low back injuries, shoulders and neck
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