Sally Cranfield

Soft Tissue Therapist &
Mat Pilates Teacher


Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to Your Body Therapy based in Chichester, West Sussex. I specialize in Clinical Sports & Remedial soft tissue therapy massage treatments, and Mat Pilates (Polestar trained) combined with fitness wellbeing. My ethos is to enable you to feel good, assist you to develop more confidence to move easier, within the range you are able to work with and improve.

I have provided soft tissue treatment mat pilates, and fitness instruction to a variety of clientele. From serious sports enthusiasts, body builders, marathon runners, to sedentary office workers from long-retired people to youth in their prime. Including people live with physical disabilities, medical conditions, and bereavement. All of these areas also encompass or touch on to destress and get revitalized.

About Me

I am American, originally from Seattle Washington, USA, now permanent resident here in Chichester with my family. My own fitness routine changed from road cycling to off road and walking, as I love to be where there are no cars.

I began my pilates journey and sports massage training as a participant realizing I was not incorporating intricate movements within my training routine. This led to tissue imbalance and reoccurring injuries. Over time I felt stronger from head to foot. It had opened the window for me to be more physically and mentally in tune with mindfulness, control, movement, and balance.

I am also a firm believer in continual learning if it is about soft tissue treatments, the fascia system, pilates, the body movements and development stages of life and people on their life journeys.

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